bridge and burn


Chase and I have started our journey to the west finally. It was a crazy hectic past few months getting everything packed for the road and getting the apartment cleaned out. It was really wonderful our first stop being Ellicott City. It's a really wonderful little city. I loved being able to see where Chase spent a lot of his time when he was younger. It's crazy how a place like that could be so close to a place like Baltimore. We both ended up getting Alpha tattoos by Leroy at Ghost town. Lee has been a really close friend of Chase's for a long time. He was a really sweet guy. I'm so glad I got to meet him and the shop was by far, one of the coolest i've been at in a long time. Yesterday was pretty long. I had two shoots in two separate cities. DC to Durham to Charlotte at 1:30am.  Luckily my friend Nik and Jon were still up. The past few days have been somewhat surreal. Chase says he lives a surreal life. I am starting to believe him. In Charlotte, we woke up and had delicious breakfast at Zada Janes then heading to a parking garage to get a skyline view of the city. Luckily today there was no rain, just overcast. We went by a new bar called Hattie's as well. The bar owner opened it in October and named it after her grandmother. She was sweet enough to give me a t-shirt. Matt Hooker, about a month ago, contacted me about doing a mural of me on the back patio of the tavern. Of course I had to say yes! It wasn't started during this visit due to the amount of rain they have been getting but I absolutely am so honored and flattered to be a part of a mural in Charlotte at a tavern called Hattie's. So great! Tomorrow, we head to Savannah. I've actually never been so looking forward to it. 

Photo // John Thatcher 

Bridge and Burn // Reed Moss Waxed Jacket - $245

Odell Dark Navy Shirt - $49

Jewelry // Ax + Apple

URBN // BDG Twig Grazer High Rise Jean - $59

Boots // Brook Brothers