It's been a minute since we had any service. It's been wonderful spending time where you are not connected to the internet world. It's hard to keep up with friends and family as well as with social media and work, but it's worth it. I can barely even remember what happened in Nashville. I didn't get to see many of my friends there because they were all out of town but I did make new friends via Chase. I got to meet Casstronaut, who was someone i've been wanting to meet for a long time now. Chase's dad flew us over the Buffalo River in Arkansas. The White River was beautiful too. When the mist would just come over it around dusk, you couldn't help but try to photograph it. Most of this trip, the weather has not been ideal. It seems that everywhere we leave tends to have some kind of bad weather after. We spent a few days catching up on some things at my parents house in southeast Texas and then had to go to my sister's baby shower as well. Austin was just catching up with friends as well. Finally got a chance to go to Big Bend and Marfa. Big Bend was our first camping experience on the trip. We got blasted with a gnarly thunderstorm and the bugs were insane. Drac got stung by something and wouldn't walk on one of her legs for most of the day. Big Bend all around wasn't all that great of an experience. I think we will have to try it again some day. My friend Alec put us up in Marfa. Again, more bad weather but his house was perfect to stay in. I was exhausted from the night before in Big Bend that I had to nap as soon as we got to his place and turns out everything there closes at 3pm. We checked out the Marfa lights. Interesting, but who is to say what it really is I guess. Marfa is a cute little town and I love all the art and the small town feel. We stopped by El Cosmico just to see what it was and it was packed with people. It was like a small little festival. I don't need to be around that. I like a much more chill environment with a few good friends. We went through the White Sands right on Memorial Day which happened to be my birthday this year. It was packed with people but we got to shoot some really beautiful photos and watch an amazing sunset. We got an airbnb place near Mesilla, NM. We got to relax in a hot tub and then had a good nights rest before we headed to Phoenix. Phoenix was so hot, of course but we did stay in a little trailer with an outdoor shower in the back of an artist compound. Woke up the next morning and had coffee in the front of it while chatting with many of the locals that would come in. It's kind of great some times to just randomly talk to people and forget about what you initially were suppose to be doing. I'm learning to slow down a bit. I tend to always have to move and always be going and doing something while Chase typically knows how to take in things a bit more. We drove from Phoenix all the way to the North Rim of the Grand Canyon. It was by far way better of a drive and a view than the south rim and way less people. We finally got to do some primitive camping outside of the park up in the mountains with no one around. It was a beautiful night. The stars were so bright and we had a fire and soup for dinner. It was nice to be in the middle of nowhere with no one around. How camping should really be. I do wish we would have spent a bit more time but like I said, It's hard for me to slow down. I don't know why I feel so compelled to keep moving. I just feel like sometimes I'm not going to have enough time to see or experience anything before I have to work again. So I tend to rush. Zion ended up being excruciatingly busy. Summer time is definitely not the season to go. I knew this before we went but though it might still be okay. I was so bummed about not being able to stay there or really visit because of the amount of people. We just ended up heading to Bryce Canyon instead. Still didn't get a chance to hike into Bryce Canyon. We were a bit nervous hiking with Dracula plus most places don't let dogs on trails. Screw that. She hikes better than both of us. We did camp in a very pretty remote area in the Dixie National Forest though. It got a bit too cold for Chase. Looks like we need to get a bit warmer of a sleeping bag for him. We made the drive on 12 E to HWY 24 to 70 E to Moab, UT. This drive was by far one of the prettiest and unreal drives I have ever made. I've never seen so much different terrain and weather every hour. Southern Utah is unreal. We camped along the Colorado River for 3 nights. Probably the best camping we have had this trip. We managed to go in Arches but honestly we were much more interested in explore outside of the parks. After that drive, you just realize that you could see beautiful nature scenes not even going into the parks. I got told to head to Moab Roasters to meet a girl named Dawn to figure out swimming holes and places to explore. Chase and I woke up one morning and headed to get breakfast at Love Muffin. We ended up sitting and chatting to Eric, a cyclist that has been traveling the country strictly on bike and a girl named Dawn, who had moved to Moab 3 months ago, living in her Subaru and is a great painter. Turns out this Dawn was the Dawn I was suppose to go meet that day and randomly was already talking and having breakfast with her. We spent the day hiking and swimming with them. It was much more of the adventure we were looking for. Glad to have made some new found friends that are both on similar life paths that we are. I don't think I could express what the nights were like in Moab. The moon was full every night we were there and it was so bright that you could even see colors of the rocks. I wish we could have spent a month there honestly. It was hard leaving Utah. Chase made a joke that Colorado's motto should be "sorry we're not Utah". Colorado is beautiful in its own way though. I've always loved Colorado just never been a huge fan of Denver. Just keep searching for the adventure. 

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