Savannah was great! Absolutely beautiful. I think, in some part of my heart, I could possibly live there. I shot for Mamie Ruth, a wonderful clothing company located at 107 W. Liberty St. The girls who run the shop were so great! There were probably 10 of us that all rode out to Tybee Island to shoot. It was a 3 mile bike ride out to this amazing ending tree, that had flags and crazy decor everywhere. The humidity and bugs out there were brutal and we had very limited time to shoot due to a storm moving in. When we decided it was time to head back, hoping to miss the storm, the 3 miles back seemed a lot longer. I ended up getting part of dress I was wearing stuck in the spoke of the bike, bringing it to a stop, and making one of the photographers, Molly, crash into me. Leave it to me to have an accident. I now have a giant bruise on my butt still healing. We made it into the cars just in time for it to really pour. I know some of the girls got soaked. We finished the shoot up at Jeff and Molly's house. It was filled with mid-century furniture and tons of things that would be and ideal late 60's early 70's home. Chase and I fell in love with it. The day was long and we were definitely exhausted. Luckily we had a hotel for the night. Unfortunately, it was not dog friendly and we had to sneak Dracula in a bag. We did end up heading to IHOP for some eggs though. I miss having eggs every morning. We need to get a cooler to have some on the road.

After Savannah, we head through to Orlando. It was my first time there. I've always wanted to go to Disney World and Epcot. I'm finally there and can't go. Why must it be so expensive? We got a hotel too that night. It was a really cute and cheap hotel and I got to make breakfast for us the next morning. We have been really into matcha lately as well. Trader Joe's had some, so I bought it for us to have while traveling. We've been seeing a lot of rain the beginning of the trip. I'm sure later we will be more thankful for it. We met Javier Betancourt and his girl in Miami. They hosted us in their lovely home and we were both thrilled to get matching tattoos from Javier. He is 28/29 and owns his own shop Ocho Placas. The shop was filled with some really friendly and great artists. We didn't get much time to really explore Miami, and we bypassed the Everglades. We went straight to Sanibel Island where we spent about an hour on the beach. I'm not for going into ocean water anymore, even when it's pretty but Chase convinced me to. The funny thing is, the second I did, we both got stung by a jellyfish. Dracula went straight into the ocean. I assumed because she was so hot. Then she continued to roll around in the sand until she could have been a part of the Mad Max crew. She was so covered. I would have liked to explore a bit more there though. It was one of the few pet friendly beaches. We did try to find a interesting hotel in Fort Myers Beach but people were not very friendly every time I went to ask about a room. We ended up getting a hotel in Fort Myers for the night which wasn't very exciting. We got to meet Jason Minauro and his lovely girl Megan in Clearwater. It was the weekend so we didn't even try to go to the beach. We did however have a lovely evening with these two and headed out the next morning to Panama City to try and camp. Well, that didn't work at all. I didn't reserve the campsite we were trying to stay out and they ended up being booked. It was probably for the best though since there was a huge storm that came through. We rode out the storm in my car while eating rice crackers and potato salad. After the storm past, we decided to just drive until we couldn't anymore into Alabama. We ended up finding a really random hotel somewhere outside of Montgomery. Next day we drove straight into Birmingham. We were so lucky to stay with Kelly Steffey and Hamilton. They had a beautiful farm outside of the city that was secluded and on a lake. There were chickens, goats, donkeys, water fowl, and a horse roaming around. They made us fresh breakfast every morning and dinner every night. We never even left the farm. It was truly a paradise. Kelly is a photographer that i've been wanting to work with some time. Little did I know that her and Hamilton have a soap and skincare company now. She was even nice enough to send us off with some. 

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